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Vulnerability Ontology

VuWiki is a collaborative cross-disciplinary project to develop an ontology for the explicit description of vulnerability assessment studies. In VuWiki 1.0 we present a first scaleable version of a vulnerability ontology to describe vulnerability assessment methods.

Developing the vulnerability ontology is an adaptive process which will continue to grow with more input from the community. Use the Edit Ontology and related discussion pages to help build and comment the next vulnerability ontology.

The vulnerability ontology addresses the following core questions for each assessment:

  1. Vulnerability of what?
  2. Vulnerability to what?
  3. What is the context of the assessment?
  4. How is vulnerability measured?
Semantic Wiki

VuWiki currently compiles over 50 empirical vulnerability assessments and methods from a wide range of disciplines.

VuWiki allows you to search, structure or compare different vulnerability studies through a number of semantic tools.

  1. Use the dynamic tables to sort and view the different vulnerability studies on the site.
  2. Use the wiki drill down to filter and search the vulnerability studies based on the ontology.
  3. Use the step-by-step semantic form to enrich VuWiki by adding additional vulnerability studies.
Enrich VuWiki

Get started in three simple steps:

  1. Create an account. Don't forget to send an email to admin@vuwiki.org with subject "VUWIKI CONFIRMATION" to be authorized for editing the site
  2. Confirmation of your account and notification by the admin (depending on your timezone this can take a few hours)
  3. Contribute to VuWiki by adding a new study, discussing existing studies or by extending/editing the vulnerability ontology

For a quick guide on how to use this site, please read the How to Use VuWiki page.

Latest Studies in VuWiki
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