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The following table allows you to sort all assessments in the wiki by the main categories of the onotology.
For lists providing details about the vulnerable system, drivers, reference frameworks or methodology please have a look at the following pages:

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Vulnerability Assessment Functional system Geographical area
Adger 1999: Social Vulnerability to Climate Change South-Eastern Asia
Armas, I. 2008: Social vulnerability and seismic risk perception. Case study: the historic center of the Bucharest Municipality/Romania
Armas, I. 2012: Multi-criteria vulnerability analysis to earthquake hazard of Bucharest, Romania Economy Eastern Europe
Attzs 2009: Natural disasters and remittances Economy Caribbean
Bird and Prowse 2009: Vulnerability, poverty and coping Economy
Health Education
Southern Africa
Birkmann et al. 2006: Measuring vulnerability in Sri Lanka Southern Asia
Birkmann et al. 2011: World Risk Index 2011
Bollin and Hidajat 2006: Community-based disaster risk index Economy
South-Eastern Asia
Boruff et al. 2005: Erosion hazard vulnerability of US coastal counties Northern America
Bostenaru Dan M. 2010: Housing in Bucharest, Romania. An analysis of vulnerability to earthquakes Economy Eastern Europe
Bostenaru Dan M. 2010: Vernacular and Modernist Housing in Germany and Romania. An analysis of vulnerability to earthquakes Economy Europe
Bostenaru Dan M. and Panagopoulos T. 2014: digital modeling of the impact of the 1755 lisbon earthquake Economy
Southern Europe
Brooks et al. 2005: The determinants of vulnerability and adaptative capacity Economy
Burton & Cutter 2008: Levee failures and social vulnerability
Carreno et al. 2007: Urban seismic risk evaluation: a holistic approach Americas
Clark et al. 1998: Assessing the vulnerability of coastal communities to extreme storms
Collins et al. 2009: Vulnerability to environmental hazards Health Education Americas
Cutter et al. 2000 Revealing the Vulnerability of People and Places Northern America
Cutter et al. 2003 Social Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards Northern America
Daniell et al. 2010 Vulnerability Index for Floods and Earthquakes in the Asia-Pacific Economy
De Oliveira Mendes 2009: Social vulnerability indexes as planning tools: beyond the preparedness paradigm Southern Europe
Deffner, 2007, Soziale Verwundbarkeit Risikoraum Favela Latin America and the Caribbean
Ebert et al. 2007: Remote sensing based assessment Latin America and the Caribbean
Eckert et al. 2011: Remote sensing-based assessment of tsunami vulnerability Northern Africa
Eriksen and Silva 2009: The vulnerability context Agriculture & Forestry Eastern Africa
Faiz Rashid: Female Adolescents....during the flood Southern Asia
Fekete 2009: Validation of a social vulnerability index Western Europe
Few and Tran 2010: Climatic hazards, health risk and response in Vietnam Health South-Eastern Asia
Füssel 2010: How inequitable is the global distribution of responsibility, capability, and vulnerability to climate change Health Education
Gaiha and Imai 2009: Measuring vulnerability and poverty Agriculture & Forestry Southern Asia
Giovanni et al. 2011: Fire vulnerability index for the mediterranean region
Greiving 2006: Multi-risk assessment of Europe’s regions Europe
Hahn et al. 2009: The livelihood Vulnerability Index Health Eastern Africa
Hamouda et al. 2009: Vulnerability assessment of water resources systems in the Eastern Nile Basin
Jun et al. 2011: Spatial water resources vulnerability index
Kazmierczak & Cavan 2011: Surface water flooding risk to urban communities
Kienberger et al. 2009: Spatial vulnerability units Western Europe
Kiunsi & Meshack et al. 2006: Disaster vulnerability assessment Economy
Health Education
Eastern Africa
Kraas & Mertins 2008: Megastädte in Entwicklungsländern Economy
Kröger/Zio 2011 Vulnerable Systems
De Lange et al. 2010: Ecological Vulnerability in risk assessment
Lebel et al. 2006: Assessing institutionalised capacities and practices to reduce the risks of flood disaster Asia
Li et al. 2009: Quantitative vulnerability estimation for scenario-based landslide hazards Eastern Asia
Mechler et al. 2006: Public sector financial vulnerability to disasters Financial System Central America
Mehani et al. 2011: Vulnerability evaluation of the stratigic buildings in Algiers (Algeria): a methodology Northern Africa
Metzger et al. 2005: A multidisciplinary multi-scale framework for assessing vulnerabilities to global change Economy Europe
O’Brien et al. 2004: Mapping vulnerability to multiple stressors Agriculture & Forestry Southern Asia
Pandey & Jha 2011: Climate vulnerability index a case of Lower Himalaya
Patt et al. 2010: Estimating least-developed countries' vulnerability Economy Eastern Africa
Pelling 2003: Maintaining civil society in a liberal Democracy Economy Caribbean
Pelling 2003: Patrimonial regimes and the maintenance of a constructive civil society Economy
Pelling 2003: Post-socialism and Barriers to building a civil society: Georgetown, Guyana Economy
Health Education
South America
Ranci & Migliavacca 2010: Social Vulnerability: A Multidimensional Analysis Western Europe
Rashed and Weeks 2003: Assessing vulnerability to earthquake hazards Northern America
Rauken and Kelman 2010: River flood vulnerability in Norway. Economy
Agriculture & Forestry
Northern Europe
Rygel et al. 2006: A method for constructing a social vulnerability Index Northern America
Salvati et al. 2011: Evaluation of land vulnerability to soil degradation
Schmidtlein et al. 2011: Modeled earthquake losses and social vulnerability in Charleston, South Carolina
Schneiderbauer et al. 2011: Assessing adaptive capacity within regional climate change vulnerability studies -- an Alpine example Agriculture & Forestry Western Europe
Sullivan & Meigh 2005: Targeting attention on local vulnerabilities using an integrated index approach
Sullivan 2011: Quantifying water vulnerability: A multi-dimensional approach
Thieken et al. 2007: Coping with floods Western Europe
Turner at al. 2003: Illustrating the coupled human–environment system for vulnerability analysis Economy Americas
Villa & McLeod 2002: Environmental vulnerability indicators for environmental planning and decision-making
Wei et al. 2004: The assessment of vulnerability Eastern Asia
Weichselgartner 2001: Disaster Mitigation. The Concept of Vulnerability Revised
Wisner 2006: Self-assessment of coping capacity Eastern Africa
Wu et al. 2002: Vulnerability of coastal communities to sea-level rise Northern America

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