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Getting started for editing the wiki

Before you can edit any content in Vuwiki you have to create an account and send an email to to authorize your account. Please note that we are working on this project in our free time and may not be able to respond to email immediately.

Becoming familiar with Vulnerability Ontology

Vuwiki provides a description of the vulnerability ontology developed in this project. As the semantic form in the Vuwiki is based on the ontology, we recommend to get familiar with the ontology before you add a new study. The ontology is essentially an initial terminological structure for the vulnerability domain that allows the classification of different approaches to vulnerability assessment through a structured and rational manner. The ontology was developed iteratively and revised in numerous sessions based on “test cases”. Like in most taxonomic approaches in vulnerability research or social science in general we will always encounter some difficulties in "classifying" all potential objects by a predefined set of categories and properties. Thus the ontology developed here will probably not satisfy representation of concepts and their interrelations from a strict disciplinary perspective. The idea was rather to capture the core dimensions and approaches in vulnerability assessment regardless of particular disciplinary backgrounds.

Please refer to "About Ontology" in the navigation bar on the main page and click on the expandable map of the vulnerability ontology to learn more about the backbone of the VuWiki project. Any new vulnerability assessment that you upload in VuWiki will use this ontology to organize and structure the contents of the study. Please feel free to send us feedback on how we can improve the ontology in the next version of VuWiki.

How to add a new study with the semantic form

Once you have created an account and have been authorized by the admin, you can use the the Add new study link in the left side bar (under Enrich VuWiki) to upload a new vulnerability assessment study to the site. The vulnerability study should be one that you are familiar with and presents a well-developed methodology for the assessment and measurement of vulnerability. In this case go directly to the Semantic Formand click on

semantic form

Alternatively, if you would like some suggestions on which studies you can upload to VuWiki you can select one of the Featured Studies on the VuWiki website to upload with the semantic form. Please read the study in detail and then click on the particular study to structure it through the edit study function.

select study

How to edit a study

The easiest way to edit an existing study is to click on the "edit with form" (see Help on editing a study) tab on the wiki-page of the respective study. Then the data which has already been entered is reloaded in the form and you can modify them.

Another way is to type in the semantic form the exact title of the page as displayed on the respective Vuwiki-page of the study (the easiest way to do this is of course to copy the title directly from the page). Then the form loads all information which is already available.

If you are familiar with wiki mark-up language, you can of course also edit information directly on the Vuwiki-page of the study by using the edit tab. This option is especially prefered if you want to give information that goes beyond the standardized items provided by the form. A tutorial on how to edit a wiki is described here

How to use semantic search (wiki drilldown)

The semantic drilldown is a useful tool to filter information in the wiki by certain meaningful criteria. In Vuwiki the semantic drilldown is structured according to the ontology and the semantic form. It allows you to choose one of the main categories (Assessment methods, Reference framework, Vulnerability driver, Vulnerable System) and filter the studies by "subcategories". For advanced users: In terms of the semantic wiki these "subcategories" are properties. Filters can be set manually for information which is semantically annotated in the wiki.

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