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Wikis provide an ideal platform for collaborative authoring. Please use the sections below to help develop the next version of the vulnerability ontology.

Guiding Principles

Developing a comprehensive vulnerability ontology is an adaptive process which will continue to grow with more input from the community. Please help us to further develop the vulnerability ontology. As you evaluate, comment on and edit the vulnerability ontology please consider the following guiding principles below (adaptef from Raskin and Pan 2005 p. 1121)

  • Scaleablity: The ontology should be easily extendable to enable specialized domains to build upon more general ontologies already generated. 
  • Discipline-independent: The structure and contents of the vulnerability ontology should be indepedent of particular disciplinary perspectives. The ontology should be developed in terms of how well it captures the core dimensions and approaches in vulnerability assessment coming from a multitude of disciplines.
  • No Jargon: The structure should provide a representation of concepts, rather than of terms. The concepts remain the same regardless of the inclusion ofslang, technical jargon, foreign languages, etc. 
  • Orthogonality: Compound concepts should be decomposed into their component parts, to make it easy to recombine concepts in new ways.

Edit Ontology

Each of the following sections will take you to the hierachical structure of one of the four components of the vulnerability ontology. You can use these pages to comment on the existing structure in the appropriate area, add additional categories and subcategories or suggest the edit or removal of existing categories using the following tags.

Insert the appropriate tag in the edit mode of the wiki article by pasting {{ExampleTag}} in the required section
Tag Looks like:
{{importance-sect}} RTENOTITLE This component is unclear or questionable
{{expand}} RTENOTITLE This component needs improvement by expanding it. Info might be found on the discussion page
{{expert-verify}} RTENOTITLE This component may require further work
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